To achieve the highest possible price within a reasonable time period, it is important that a property is given maximum market exposure; remember it's difficult to sell a secret.    
As buyers have become more sophisticated and require information to be more accessable, a marketing program should include different advertising mediums. For this reason Brett Johnston Real Estate integrates traditional real estate marketing with social media and the latest in property technology to provide better service and achieve the best possible price for their clients.             
Online Marketing  
Internet advertising has become the dominant method of marketing property as prospective buyers are able to view your property before physically inspecting. To maximise online exposure. This agency uses the following websites.
For Sale Signboard  
Advertising your property 24/7. This agency prefers to use large colour photo signs to help showcase the property.
Print Advertising 
Print advertising continues to be an essential method of reaching both active and passive buyers, so marketing should include advertising in relevant print media. 
Office Display
People love looking in real estate agencies windows. My agency receives a significant audience viewing due to being located in a high pedestrian area. To take advantage of this, my clients properties are displayed on a bright A3 sized LED screens.                            
3D Virtual Tour or Drone Photography/Video
A virtual tour or drone photography/video of the property can be produced and included with online advertising. 
Floor Plan & Lot Plan 
Buyers love floor plans. A floor plan can be produced and included with online advertising and on the colour brochures. An aerial view of the property or block plan with lot dimensions can also be included with the online advertising.
Colour Property Brochures                                                                         
Colour property brochures to be provided to interested buyers at home opens and for in office enquiries.                                                                                                            
Electronic Marketing & Social Media  
Taking your marketing a step further. Promotion of your property using e-brochures, email alerts, e-newsletters and postings on social media should also be included your marketing campaign.